Naphthenic acid

CAS No.: [1338-24-5]
Molecular formula: CnH2n-1COOH, n=6-21
Molecular weight: 180-350
Physical property: Yellow to brown oily liquid, almost insoluble in water, soluble in hydrocarbon solvent.

  Refined degreasing grade Pure degreasing grade
Content 80% min. 90% min.
Acid value 180 min. 190 min.
Water 1% max. 1% max.
Color 12 max. 12 max.

Packing: 200 kg iron drum
Usage: Mainly used to produce various salts of naphthenic acid, which are used as paint dryer and wood preservative, etc. Also, used to produce synthetic detergent and pesticide, and used as solvent.